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How it all Started:

My passion for antiques and antique furniture restoration goes back more than forty years.  In fact, even further back, I remember many happy days attending estate sales with my father where we regularly came home with treasures.  I am most impressed with the craftsmanship that went into making the things we call antiques that were made hundreds of years before modern wood working tools.

Table restoration in Joe’s shop

In the fall of 2000, I decided I needed an antique pool table for my home that I was planning to build in Payson, Arizona.  Since I knew little about antique tables, I contacted the Brunswick Corporation for advice on old tables.  They advised me that the best historian on Brunswick tables and a renowned expert in Brunswick table restoration was Joe Newell in Clay Center, Kansas.  I contacted Joe and explained that I was building a home in the mountains of Arizona and wanted a table to match the surroundings.  After a six month search, Joe sent me pictures of an un-restored Kansas City Billiard table with marquetry hunting scenes set in the cabinet of the table.  These same scenes were found in Brunswick catalogs in the early 1900s.  Kansas City Billiard Table Manufacturing Company was founded in 1902 and later purchase by Brunswick.

When I was finally ready for my table, Joe Newell delivered it along with a new set of balls and four new Brunswick cues.  It struck me that here I was with a beautiful restored antique table, would not it be great to have all of the accessories in my billiard room to be antiques as well? 


JoeNewellsettinguptable1  nameplate img 3026
Joe Newell installing the Table in Indiana K.C. Billiards Name Plate

Table after its move to Arizona

And thus the journey began.  I have met many good and knowledgeable people with the same passion as myself.  Many of these individuals have knowledge of billiard items of old, impressive collections and table restoration skills far beyond mine.  To each of these individuals who will go unnamed, I am particularly grateful for the friendship and the knowledge that they have shared with me.

Brunswick Cues with Decals

Having retired from the corporate world, I spend much of my time today restoring billiard cues for others, as well as purchasing cues for my own collection.  Do see my discussion, “Should I restore my billiard cue?” 

I have developed what I believe is the most correct Brunswick billiard cue decals which I will install or sell to you if you are restoring a cue, if you choose to restore your antique cue.

 Of great interest to me is any billiard item with the Kansas City Billiard Table Manufacturing Company logo.  Please call me if you have K. C. Billiard Items that you are willing to part with.

Enjoy the tour of my pool room.  I show it to you not to impress, but rather to give you ideas as to how you can decorate your hideaway if your passion for billiards is similar to mine.

About the Logo: 

Many have asked about the table in the "Vintages Cues For You" logo.  It is an antique cigar humidor most likely from Europe.  The table is not quite to scale as it measures 9” x 16”.  The balls are ivory.  The cues are most amazing in their 8.5” miniaturized form.  These cues are four point spliced, one is ebony and maple the other is rosewood and maple.   Each cue has a  mother of pearl wedged name plate and veneers.  The butt cap is half ivory and half leather.  The ferrule is ivory with leather tips.  The balls and cues are attached with small threaded pins from the underside.

humidorclosed humidoropen
Cigar Humidor Top View Cigar Humidor Inside